You may donate directly to Kidsave on this page. Please scroll to the bottom and make sure to designate your donation to the Austin Summer Miracles program. These funds will go directly towards bringing Colombian orphans to Austin for Summer 2011. Thank you so much for donating!

Fundraising for the 2011 Kidsave Austin Summer Miracles is far behind what’s needed to bring these kids to Austin for 2011. The community that hosts the children much come with with most of the money required for travel, administration, and other expenses. We are currently $30,000 short. This is the only shot most of these kids will get – we CAN’T let them down!

First and foremost, local volunteer coordinator Larry Rawlinson is ready and waiting to speak with you about donations, hosting a child, or lending a hand. Please feel free to contact him at any time.

Larry Rawlinson, Austin Coordinator

There are three main ways to help these orphaned children:

1. Donate. We need the money to get them here, and we are far short this year. You may donate directly to Kidsave on this page.

2. Host a Child. Can you open your home for 5 weeks this summer to change a child’s life? Bonus: They will change yours, too. Find out more about hosting here.

3. Lend a Hand. From welcoming the kids at the airport, to managing the events while they are here, we can ALWAYS use a helping hand!


We, and these children, are so thankful for your help!