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May 3, 2011

Families who open their homes to older Colombian orphans through Kidsave’s Summer Miracles program are probably far too busy to update if they file for adoption soon after their visiting child leaves. So it’s awesome to read about those who do find the time to blog about their adoption. One such family is the Mason family.

They write:

In the Summer of 2008, our family hosted an orphan from Colombia for 5 weeks of the summer as part of the Kidsave Summer Miracles program. We had such an amazing experience and believe so strongly in the mission of Kidsave that we have decided to host again this summer. This blog is a way for us to journal our experience as a host family and to advocate for the child we are hosting, “because every child needs a family” UPDATE!!! Who could have predicted that I would need to update this description? This is now a journal of our journey to adopt Jhonatan!

How amazing that they went forward to adopt Jhonatan! So not only did they host in 2008, but the hosted and adopted in 2010. What an amazing family. They kept up with updates on their blog during the journey. From learning about their first Summer Miracle child, Paula, to the happy day when she arrived, and why they decided to host again.

But in perhaps the most touching entry, she recaps their family’s experience with Kidsave, and their eventual adoption:

I have hesitated about writing specifically about our adoption because our little man is computer savvy and I know he has visited this blog. However, I decided to share our blog at www.kellyskornerblog.com and now that Jhonatan knows we are adopting him, here it is….


I guess it all started three years ago when I first discovered Kidsave, an amazing organization that advocates tirelessly for older children without families throughout the world. I happened to stumble upon their website and read about Summer Miracles. Kidsave works together with ICBF in Colombia to bring older children over for a summer vacation of 5 weeks, during which time the children stay with host families who welcome them into their homes and advocate for their adoption. I had just spent 7 weeks in a cast with a broken ankle so I thought 5 weeks with an extra child…no problem! I mentioned it to Greg and he didn’t even blink an eye when he said, “Absolutely, let’s do this”. A few days later, I was talking with my sister-in-law and she had just sent an email to the same organization about being a host family. How weird is that? So, the summer of 2008, we were lucky enough to host the most amazing girl, Paula.

We had the most wonderful experience hosting Paula and it was definitely eye-opening to meet these amazing older kids who were growing up without permanent families. While Paula was with us, her forever family found her! She came home in September of 2009. It has been a joy to be able to watch her blossom with her family.

Not long after she came home, our daughters started asking to host again. We contacted Kidsave in February of 2010 and told them we wanted to participate in Summer Miracles again but only if we could host a girl because we have four girls and logistically it would to be much easier. Because we were planning to only advocate not adopt (we had no intentions of adopting), we were matched last. Our social worker, who I adore, called us to let us know that there were no more girls approved to travel that summer and asked me if we would consider hosting a boy. I said probably not, but I would talk to the rest of the family. When the girls heard that a boy was the only option for us to host that summer, they all thought we should do it. Our social worker made a visit to our home and brought this picture…

Those of you who have met Jhonatan will be as baffled by this picture as I am. Who is this boy? Seriously, this is Jhonatan but looks nothing like him and does not even give a hint about his fun-loving, engaging and all-round enjoyable personality! However, his description did and also included that he loves soccer, is very smart and enjoys art. With picture and description in hand, we anxiously awaited our summer visitor. Just to give you an idea about that baffling picture, here is the boy who greeted us at the airport with an enthusiastic, “Vamos a casa” or “Let’s go to the house”!

My posts from this past summer give a glimpse of how much we loved having Jhonatan in our home for the 5 week visit. He was a joy! When the end of the summer came and Jhonatan did not have a family who was totally committed to adopting him, we began to worry that we would have to send him back to Colombia without a forever family. It was then that we realized… we were his forever family! We all adore him and he completes our family perfectly. He is all we could ever imagined for a son and more and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect brother for our girls. Thank goodness we didn’t say no to hosting a boy!

We began the adoption process 2 weeks after Jhonatan left. Right now, our dossier is with ICBF in Colombia and we are waiting to hear if we are approved. If we do receive approval, our paperwork will be sent to Medellin so that we can be issued our official referral. After that, more paperwork and waiting until we can finally travel as a family to Medellin, Colombia and bring home our boy!

Right now, Kidsave is already planning for Summer Miracles 2011. If you have ever thought about adopting an older child or you just would like to open your home to one of these amazing kids, please visit the Kidsave website or leave me a comment and I will make sure you get the contact information you need, “because every child needs a family”!

For lots and lots of photos and posts about their experience with Kidsave and the Summer Miracles children, please visit http://theperfectsummerforamiracle.blogspot.com.

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