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May 11, 2011

Another Kidsave success story – the Fulweiler Family!

Jen is a blogger and mom, and her family hosted Rita, a Kidsave Summer Miracle, in summer 2009. She blogs about her experience here, but one post hits particularly close to home:

“How to Make a Person Cry in Hobby Lobby

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been plagued with worry ever since our Kidsave child Rita got here that she’s not having a good time; she’s a bit withdrawn and when we have mornings like we did today, where three of charm friends How to make a person cry in Hobby Lobbymy children greeted the day by screaming at the top of their lungs for about 30 minutes, I become convinced that she’s having a miserable summer. All day yesterday and today I’ve been praying for God’s guidance, just wanting to know if she’s doing OK, if our efforts to make her feel loved and welcomed have borne any fruit at all.This morning, while my babysitter was here, Rita and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some artsy craftsy stuff for her to do during the kids’ naptimes. We meandered through the aisles, and when we got to the jewelry section I could tell from the shy smile on her face that making necklaces was something she’d like to do. Everything in the aisle was 50% off, so I told her to get whatever she wanted.

After picking out a couple of chains she spent a long time carefully scanning up and down the aisle, which was packed with every kind of necklace charm imaginable. She got on her toes to inspect the ones at the top, then knelt down to slowly peruse the sparkly selections at the bottom. Then, finally, out of the hundreds available, she chose this:

A two-piece “best friends” charm. One for her, one for me.

God is good.”

Jen writes beautifully about her family’s decision to host a Kidsave child. Please read about their journey here.

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