Kidsave in the News – Strategy: Host, interact — then adopt

May 3, 2011

Strategy: Host, interact — then adopt


Kidsave International logoAn organization that works with orphanages around the world is seeking host families in the U.S. to explore if they might consider adopting a child. Kidsave says there’s an urgent need for families to host orphans from Colombia this summer.

TheĀ Kidsave Summer Miracles program brings older orphans from foreign countries to the U.S. for five-week summer visits. Terry Baugh, president and co-founder of Kidsave, explains that while older children typically are often more difficult to place than are infants, children who are hosted have greater success in finding adoptive families than older children waiting for adoption because people have the opportunity to meet and live with them.”It’s an amazing volunteer opportunity because communities, churches, organizations all sort of form a protective ring around these children and begin to advocate so that the kids have an opportunity to meet people who might be interested in adopting them,” she shares.

Orphan boyBaugh says adoption is the only hope for orphans of having a better future. Kidsave’s goal is to give one-million children families and connections by 2020.

“Kids without families ultimately end up on the streets,” she laments. “They don’t have the opportunity or they don’t have the support to finish higher education. They don’t have jobs — about half end up in prostitution and crime. They have children very young, usually while they’re teenagers.”

Of the 1,600-plus children ages 5 through 15 who have traveled to the U.S. through the Summer Miracles program, more than 85 percent have been adopted — approximately half by their hosts.

Baugh adds that individuals and groups are needed to help get the word out about the children, host events with them, and provide or help raise funding to enable their vacations. More information about the program — and about hosting this summer — can be found at the group’s website.

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